Here are some other miscellaneous things that might be of interest!

Charte montréalaise des droites et responsabilités

In 2017, I was approached by Prof. James Archibald in the School of Continuing Studies at McGill to collaborate on translating the Charte montréalaise des droites et responsabilités ‘Montreal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities’ into Tagalog/Filipino, to coincide with Philippine Independence Day that year.

The Charter, which is available in several languages, can be found on the City of Montréal website. An article with some background on the Charter and the translation appeared in the McGill Reporter (in French): Les droits et responsabilités des Montréalais en tagalog (!), langue nationale des Philippines.

Python stuff

Here is a (now stalled) procrastination project I worked on for a bit

LaTeX stuff

Here are links to some outlines with useful information for different aspects of using LaTeX

Here are some of the source files for previous presentations of mine, if you’re learning LaTeX and would like to mess around with someone else’s code. All files are provided as is, and may or may not compile totally correctly on your machine.

  • Bibliography.bib: Not technically necessary to compile the other files, but you need this if you want the citations in the other files to compile properly.
  • SEALS 28 Slides: Slides for my SEALS 28 presentation (Output PDF)
  • Overleaf file: Document that was projected during the LaTeX workshop co-hosted my McGill SLUM and Concordia LSA (07 Nov 2018)